Home Improvement Applications

published: May 4th, 2022 by in Uncategorized

Dear Homeowner(s):

As plans are being made to begin major spring landscaping and home improvement projects, we want to issue a friendly reminder to be sure and submit your “Architectural Modification” applications to the Raspberry Falls Home Owners Association for approval.

A page on the community website has been designed to assist you in determining if an application is needed for your specific project. It also provides application guidelines for all landscaping and exterior property modifications and the protocol for sending completed applications and supporting documents to the Cardinal Management Group.

Please note that most exterior changes and major interior renovations to the property in Loudoun County require building permits and inspection by County officials. Therefore, to avoid unwanted delays due to a possible request for reapplication (as a result of an initial application denial) or a request to comply with recommended modifications, be sure and submit all applications in a timely fashion.

To mitigate any potential disputes or potential litigation issues, before designing any extended landscape additions or modifications, be certain to double-check your plat maps and verify your property lines to ensure the building is completed within those parameters. Also, please be sure not to begin any construction before receiving “official” approval for your application.

Directions for all application procedures and general information can be found on the community website in the open portal under “Community Information” – “Architectural Modifications.”

In your planning, please be mindful of the impact your choices have on your neighbors – especially regarding optics, noise, and privacy matters. These are of utmost importance when considering pools, playgrounds, and landscaping color design.

We are confident that your proposed improvements will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of our community, be compliant with our communities Maintenance and Design Guideline Standards, and make your property an even more desirable place to call home.

Thank you for your cooperation, and best wishes for a happy and healthful spring season in this great community of ours!!!!


Moorlands Homeowners Association, Inc.
Raspberry Falls Homeowners Association
Board of Directors