Who handles snow removal in Raspberry Falls?

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and HOA contractors share responsibility for clearing snow in the community.   The “eyebrows”, Fox Creek Lane, and Hunters Crossing are managed by HOA contractors (Blake Landscaping).  All others are VDOT.  Below are some resources that residents may find useful.

ARCGIS Who Maintains My Street

VDOT Real Time Snow Plow Map

VDOT’s Top 5 Snow Removal Questions

When is trash picked up?

Raspberry Falls contracts with Bates Trash Removal for trash and recycling pickup. Service-related requests and questions should be directed to their customer service department at 703-212-9395. Please visit their website for the most current information on residential pickup guidelines and holiday/inclement weather schedules.

Weekly Schedule:

  • Trash pickup days: Monday and Thursday.  Crews begin as early as 7am.
  • Recycling pickup: Thursday.  Crews begin as early as 6am.
  • Brush/Yard Waste pickup: Mondays, Mar 1-Dec 31.  Yard waste MUST be placed in separate containers marked “yard waste” or in biodegradable bags.  Brush should be tied in bundles and placed at the curb.
  • Bulk Pickup: Thursday.  Maximum bulk pickup of 3 items, no more than 50lbs per item.  No metal appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, etc.  However, those may be picked up by appointment and will be charged a fee (to be quoted by Bates).
  • Christmas trees will be picked up during the first two weeks of January, weather permitting.

Holiday Schedule:

  • There will be no pickup on the following Holidays:  New Years Day, memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Service will be resumed on the next regularly scheduled pick up day.

About Recycling:

  • Bates Trash Removal uses a “single-stream” recycling process.
  • Acceptable items include junk mail, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, phone books, cereal and cracker boxes, flattened cardboard, plastics, aluminum/steel cans, and corrugated cardboard glass.
  • Additional information about items that can be recycled can be found on this Bates Recycling pdf.

Containers Provided by Bates as Part of the Contract:

  • One 95-gallon trash container per address (wheels, attached lid)
  • One 95-gallon recycling container per address (wheels, attached lid)
  • Extra containers: Contact Bates Trash Removal directly to order


  • Trash and recycle containers must be kept out of sight at all times except on pickup days.
  • Containers may be placed curbside after sundown the day before pickup, but must be removed before sundown the day of pickup.

Bates Trash Removal contact: 703-212-9395

What is single-stream recycling?

Single-stream recycling is the mixing of all recyclable materials into a single container for collection and processing. For more information about what Bates considers recyclable, see this pdf: Bates Recycling.

How do I obtain the HOA resale package for my home?

If you are selling your Raspberry Falls home or property, the required resale package can be ordered via the internet at Cardinal Management Group Website.


Note: By law (the Virginia Property Owners Association Act) you must supply the potential purchaser a resale package for review when you ratify a purchase contract and prior to settlement.

How do I obtain access to the Owners/Residents Portal?

Raspberry Falls property owners/residents can register for access to the Owners/Residents Portal by clicking the Resident Sign In button above.

Where can I buy the Raspberry decorative, black cast aluminum mail box?

The standard black, decorative mail box installed for all new homes is available from:

Mainstreet Mailboxes & More, Inc.
8758 Virginia Meadows Dr.
Manassas, VA  20109


Website:  http://waves-end.biz/mainstreet/

Raspberry Falls mailboxes are referenced as model number MP-510.  This consists of the following sub components if you only need individual replacement parts (however always reference that you live in Raspberry Falls, as we are on file with them, and they will know what you need):

  • #5 post
  • “0” Box with address plate (choose “brass metal” as the color for your numbering)
  • Newspaper Bin
  • “S” decorative scroll

Who controls the Raspberry Falls HOA?

Raspberry Falls is a covenants controlled community, meaning it has a homeowners association. Our association is the Raspberry Falls Homeowners Association, Inc. It was originally named the Moorlands HOA.

The Raspberry Falls HOA has an elected Board of Directors comprised of volunteer homeowners. The Board provides direction to a professional management company the HOA employs. Each homeowner pays an annual fee and abides by the covenants of the homeowners association. Please see the Contact Us page to contact the management company and the Board.

Raspberry Falls Board of Directors:

President – David Goodrum

Vice President – Jim Lewis

Secretary – Tim Hjort

Treasurer – Rob LeBlanc

Director – Al Saunders

What is the procedure for obtaining HOA approval for exterior property modifications?

Please log into the Resident Portal by clicking the Resident Sign In button above. Then visit the Documents page and find the Architectural Modifications folder.

What is the law/regulation regarding neighborhood solicitors/peddlers?

The County has a specific law (ordinance) on neighborhood solicitors. Check out this link: County Ordinance Chapter 828: Solicitors and Peddlers. Know the law before you report incidents to the Sheriff’s office. See this article in the Loudoun Tribune in 2018 too.

How are the Raspberry Falls HOA and the Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club related?

Although they are separate corporations, they share a harmonious relationship and take pride in making our community a unique showplace with beautiful homes, outstanding social opportunities, and a first-class country club and Gary Player golf course.

The Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club is a public course.  Please visit their website for more information about this wonderful amenity in our community!

Is there an extra fee for residents to use the pool and tennis courts?

No, there is no extra fee.  Use of these amenities is included in the HOA fee and is restricted to homeowners, their families and guests.

What is the policy on hunting and shooting in Raspberry Falls?

Hunting is prohibited on property within Raspberry Falls. Hunting and shooting in general is regulated by state (specifically the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries) and county law. From time to time, residents may hear gunfire from areas adjacent to Raspberry Falls.  Loudoun County permits recreational shooting provided it is done in a safe manner and not within 100 yards of a house (unless the homeowner has given permission).  Hunting season is generally November/December and the same rules apply in terms of firearms being discharged.  Hunting in the area is restricted to private property.  Many large private tracts of land surround Raspberry Falls and hunters are commonly seen and heard throughout hunting season.