URGENT Route 15 Involvement Needed

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Route 15 Update: URGENT ACTION REQUIRED before Wednesday!!

On May 11 the Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) to allow further widening of Route 15 past Montressor Rd will go before the Loudoun Board of Supervisors at a Public Hearing.

On November 30th, last year, almost 25 people (mostly Special Interest & Conservation Groups) showed up at the Planning Commission meeting to speak AGAINST this CPAM. As a result, the Planning Commission barely approved the CPAM with a vote of 5-4.

Those same people will probably show up again at the Board of Supervisors Meeting May 11. When I called on Friday there were almost 30 speakers on the list to speak already!!!

In the past, many of you have emailed the Board and/or Planning Commission to voice your concerns about the congestion & safety of Route 15. And quite a few of you have volunteered speak also. We are now at a critical next step in continuing the improvement of this road.

We need people to show up at the Government Building on May 11 and we need speakers! Even if you aren’t a great public speaker, don’t sweat it, you can do it!!! Just write out your 1-2 minute (max) speech in advance (DM me if you need a sounding board), practice reading your speech out loud a few times, and when they call your name, go up and read your speech… be careful to not read too fast and to make sure you speak clearly.

2 minutes is the max time allowed normally, and it’s okay to go shorter if you want. Just show up, state your name and that you live in the Catoctin District along Route 15 north of Leesburg, that you support the CPAM, that you are tired of delays and studies that seem to never end. And if you have a personal story about how this road has negatively impacted your life, tell that story.

You can sign up by calling 703-777-0200. Tell them your name, you live in the Catoctin District and you are speaking on agenda item #13. They might ask for your address and email, but you do not need to give it, and honestly, it might be better not to.

On May 11, please show up at the Government Building around 6:30pm (wear Red please so we can show unity).

Even though it’s agenda item 13, there is a decent chance it will get moved up. In the past, when their is a large group for a specific agenda item, Chair Randall will actually re-arrange the agenda items and move it to the top of the list rather than wait til the end… so don’t be too late. Beyond the administrative stuff at the beginning, they might let us start speaking very quickly. If you’re speaker 51, and everybody gets 2 minutes, it could be 100 minutes before you get to speak.

If you want to create a big old sign to bring with you, remember that it will be difficult to read from a distance. Keep your sign simple if you bring one. Last time, my 2′ x 3′ sign simply said “I support the CPAM. 4 LANES, MEDIANS, Western Bypass.” Don’t steal my Best of Loudoun idea (see picture).
If you can’t sign up to speak in person, you can also do it virtually. Just be aware that the audio is NOT very good in the room, so you will need to speak slowly and clearly if you choose virtual.

And if you can’t do that, then please, at a minimum, send emails again expressing your opinion on this CPAM. (If you do sign up to speak, please ALSO send an email).

The email should be simple, stating who you are, that you support the CPAM and that you live along Route 15. I would not necessarily say you live in Raspberry Falls, as we (as a community) are often attacked by the opposition. It’s enough to simply say you live in the Catoctin District, north of Leesburg. If you can tell a brief personal story about how this road has negatively affected your life, that’s great also.

Here’s an example below, but please DO NOT COPY & PASTE the example… it needs to be your own words… and the personal stories need to be your own personal stories: late for work, missed kids recital, near collision, scared for kids… whatever your personal story is… share it! We all have plenty of stories we can tell!!! And, obviously, if you have a different opinion, say that instead.


SUBJECT: I support CPAM-2021-0002 to further widen Route 15

Dear Board of Supervisors,

I live in the Catoctin District north of Leesburg along Route 15. I support CPAM-2021-0002 to continue widening north of Montressor Rd. I support 4 lanes as far as possible. I support medians where appropriate. I support full width shoulders. I support a Western bypass around Lucketts.

(insert your complaint… for example: “We have been hearing for decades how this road needs to be improved, and yet it never seems to happen. How is this possible? We have known for decades how dangerous this road is and how bad the congestion is, and it seems to only get worse. It’s worse now that before COVID even!”)

(insert your personal story… for example: “the longest part of my 25 mile commute is the 3 mile stretch of this miserable road back to my house… I guess on the positive side, my kids have gotten better at making their own dinners.”)

(call to action… for example: “Please support this CPAM and lets finally move some dirt and make this road better”)

Respectfully (or Thank You or Sincerely),

Your Name
Catoctin District
Your Phone Number


While it would be great to email the Supervisors individually, I know that’s a lot of copying and pasting. If you want you just put all the Supervisors in the TO: field and put their aides in the CC: field. Below is all their email addresses.



There is an email address of bos@loudoun.gov that they say goes to all the Supervisors, but actually does not. It goes to a separate mailbox that they all have access to. It’s not an actual distribution list, so don’t use it please.

If anybody has any questions, please let me know!

David Goodrum, Liaison Route 15