Update on Turf Damage Remediation

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May 31, 2022

Raspberry Falls HOA
Attn: Mr. Al Saunders, Board President, and BOD

RE: TURF DAMAGE STATUS / UPDATE – Meeting Follow-up 5/31/22

Dear Raspberry Falls Homeowners,

Al, thank you for taking the time to personally meet with us this morning. We truly appreciate working with the Board of Directors and Cardinal Management to correct this most unfortunate accident. As a local firm, we personally understand and feel the frustrations that this has created for the residents, guests, management, and golfers in the community.

In consultation with multiple industry professionals, we commenced our turf renovation program in early May. The turf renovation work performed is in the early stages of development and results are varied by location. It is our expectation that the successful seed germination locations will continue to improve and develop over time. Additional over-seeding coming into the Summer months with cool season turfgrass seed would be a fruitless effort. We will continue to monitor the progress of the turf renovation work and further turf renovations/enhancement will be scheduled for the September timeframe. The following is our updated plan of action following our meeting that will begin June 1, 2022.

Our team will begin ground preparation for the installation of tall fescue sod for the damaged/dead turf areas. The damaged/dead turf will be removed with a rubber track power-rake and the areas prepared for the installation of sod. We will commence at the eastern end of Raspberry Drive and work westward for the sod remediation. Preparation work will be done incrementally, and sod will be installed in 5,000 SF increments. Preparation will immediately begin on the adjacent increment, and the process repeated as we move westward.

Maintenance watering by water truck and irrigation system adjustments (if available) will begin immediately and continue until sod establishment rooting. Careful consideration will be given to the forecasted seasonal weather and our work schedules will be adjusted accordingly. In the event of a schedule adjustment, our work will immediately resume as weather conditions warrant.

Our management team will continue our daily monitoring of the turf renovation/sod progress, and we will continue to update the BOD and Cardinal Management of the progress. We understand and respect the inconvenience of this unfortunate situation, and our team will do our best to expeditiously complete this turf renovation process for the residents and guests of Raspberry Falls.