Swimming Pool Closure – Turf Update

published: September 4th, 2022 by in Uncategorized

Raspberry Falls Homeowner(s):

Just a reminder that the last day the community swimming pool will be open is September 5th.

Beginning after the Labor Day weekend, Continental Pools and Cardinal Management work crews will begin the storage, repair and winterization process for the entire complex.

As we close the pool, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Continental Pools Director (Hristo Enev), pool supervisor (Michal Mikula) and the outstanding crew of lifeguards for a great summer. Throughout the summer, they all contributed in making the venue a most enjoyable destination for residents of all ages, your families and guests.

We are happy to say that, through the cooperation of Continental Pools and the consent of Cardinal Management, we were able to put money back into the neighborhood by employing several young Raspberry Falls residents as lifeguards. This summer we were extremely pleased with their formal training, expert supervision and conscientious level of performance from both a safety and maintenance perspective.

The young local guards proved to be very dependable and displayed an admirable work ethic, They were trustworthy and accountable in all aspects of their job responsibilities and took great personal pride in our venue. We sincerely appreciated their contribution in making the pool a safe, clean and well maintained amenity for all ages to enjoy.

On another note, we wanted to bring you up to date on the turf restoration project in the neighborhood.

While we all shares in the disappointment that the egregious mishap to our common area grasses has not yet been totally repaired, we also must share in the understanding that it will take time (and certainly patience) to have the situation remedied to our satisfaction. While it is certainly not where we wanted or expected it to be at this point, we are trusting that Blake’s plan will ultimately provide us with the outcome we expect and were promised.

We are confident that Blake has a well conceived plan of systematic repair for the damaged turf in our community but may be (and has been) compromised by some unpredictable circumstances.

Among the elements complicating this process have been weather conditions, sod availability, access to irrigation and the ability to promote the germination and growth of the sod for large areas.

Blake had preplanned to sod sections of the community, monitor the progress, wait for the sod to take hold, then move to another section. Because most of the affected areas do not have irrigation, hand watering was required to maintain the health and growth of the seven tractor trailer loads of newly laid turf. While much of the community had already been seeded, the sod component was added to insure results would be expedited. Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated and the shortage of water through irrigation has contributed to the loss of sod already planted and has compromised further planting of the damaged areas.

Blake’s representatives have “apologized for this being such a drawn out process” and offered the following plan moving forward: “we have recently treated the turf damaged areas with a broadleaf herbicide to minimize the weed pressure in preparation for the aeration and over seeding that will be in motion in the next couple of weeks. The herbicide application has caused many of the broadleaf weeds and crabgrass to dieback, which is unfortunately unsightly in the interim.” We all know that the Fall and Spring the best time to promote plant (grass) growth so we would expect to see dramatic results after the aeration and over seeding.

The Rasberry Falls Golf Course management and other expert agronomists that were consulted independently all agree that, based on the time of year and other mitigating circumstances, Blakes plan of action is well conceived and the best way to proceed for our particular situation.

We certainly appreciate Blakes accountability and the ownership they have assumed regarding this project. We also trust that they will progress on schedule to provide us, in a timely fashion, with the results our residents expect and were promised. Be assured that the Raspberry Falls Board of Directors and Cardinal Management will continue to monitor the progress and accept nothing less than a total restoration and return of all common area damaged grasses to the healthy and aesthetically pleasing condition that existed before the mishap. .

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or comments.

Most sincerely,

Raspberry Falls Board of Directors