Route 15 UPDATE – Community Survey Now Open!

published: July 7th, 2021 by in Uncategorized

For those that sent an email to the Transportation Board recently, THANK YOU! I heard back that we had on overwhelming response from our neighborhood, and many others, which is exactly what was needed.

But wait, there’s more…

As we had posted last month, the CPAM (Comprehensive Plan Amendment) to widen from Montressor to Lucketts was also approved earlier this year and now the county wants your feedback!!

Hopefully you were able to attend the virtual meeting on Jun 23rd. But, if not, all the materials can be found online for you to review, and then provide your input to the county on what you think.

BLUF, the CPAM allows four laning to Lucketts and then a bypass around Lucketts. It also includes real emergency pull off shoulders all the way to the bridge.

There is an official survey, but also you can just submit your own comments… for example:

Do you think they should continue widening? Tell them you support the project! Or tell them you oppose the project!! But, either way, if you don’t say anything, and it doesn’t go the way you like, you have yourself to blame!

Do you think they should do a bypass at all? Some have felt just widening to Spinks Ferry is good enough…. some felt they should bulldoze straight through town… maybe you want a tunnel!!?!?!?! Say something now though! This is your chance to be heard BEFORE they do anything. Be proactive!!!

The official survey is a single question but also has a comments section in the survey. Please take 5-10 minutes and review the material and send in your comments. And if you have any questions, you can either ask county staff directly, or ask here and I’ll try to answer (or get the answer). Thank you!