Route 15 CPAM vote is tonight! Help Needed!

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Dear Resident(s),

Route 15 widening final push. The vote is tonight, June 21, 2022! Help is needed… hopefully for the last time!

Tonight’s vote on the CPAM to allow further widening of Route 15 north of Montressor Rd is the culmination of almost five years of research, studies, community input, and debate.

We need fresh speakers either in person or virtually! (They offer WebEx, or you can dial into the conference line to speak when they call your name). And you can follow along on TV or on your computer, phone, or tablet!

We had a great turnout last month at the Public Hearing on the topic, but the actual vote is tonight. The folks who have been consistently showing up in support of this effort are suffering from burnout and could use some relief.

It will be years before we need the communities to help again… that also means if the Board votes AGAINST this CPAM, it will be years (or decades) before we get this chance again. If they vote against it, and you wish you had done something… it will be too late.

Unfortunately, two weeks ago, a large group of people opposed to the widening project showed up at a Board Meeting to speak out against the CPAM. They did so knowing Route 15 was NOT on the agenda, and so there would be no opposition there to challenge them. It was done very secretly.

And even though all the public surveys show that about 80% of the community is in favor of 4 lanes, medians, shoulders, and a bypass…. the 20% opposition is VERY loud and organized and has the backing of many conservation groups.

Tonight’s meeting has limited speaker slots. If you want your voice heard, NOW is the time. There are eight speaker slots available at 5 pm, and then another 90 minutes are allowed for public speakers starting as early as 6 pm (more likely 7 pm, though, as these meetings tend to run slowly).

So, if you didn’t speak last month and want to see these changes, please sign up to speak tonight. Call now! Yes, it’s a time commitment… but it’s not as much of a commitment as the time you spend on Route 15 sitting in traffic over the years. If you have kids at home, bring them! They can learn something about how our government process works! Show the Board that your kids are the reason you support these improvements!!

Please call 703-777-0200 as soon as you can (they open at 8:30 am). (If you sign up to speak, please let me know which speaker number you are).

Time slots are 2 1/2 minutes max. It will go by quickly. The best speeches are written out in advance. But be careful not to read too quickly and add some pauses for emphasis! State your name and that you live in the Catoctin District along Route 15 north of Leesburg, that you support the CPAM, and that you are tired of delays and studies that seem to never end. And if you have a personal story about how this road has negatively impacted your life, tell that story. If you spoke last time, speak again! You can even say that you are tired of doing this, but that it is important, and so here you are again!

Please wear RED to the meeting to show unity with the other neighborhoods who are also showing up.

And if you can’t sign up to speak, emails help still. If you wrote an email before, send it again. And you can even say that you thought the vote was last month, and this is yet another delay! No more delays! If you didn’t write an email last month… here’s your chance!

If you sign up to speak… send an email also… they count emails!

The email should be simple, stating who you are, that you support the CPAM, and that you live along Route 15. I would not necessarily say you live in Raspberry Falls, as we (as a community) are often attacked by the opposition. It’s enough to simply say you live in the Catoctin District, north of Leesburg. However, if you can tell a brief personal story about how this road has negatively affected your life, that’s great.

Here’s an example below, but please DO NOT COPY & PASTE the example… it needs to be your own words… and the personal stories need to be your own personal stories: late for work, missed kids recital, near-collision, scared for kids… whatever your personal story is… share it! We all have plenty of stories we can tell!!! And, obviously, if you have a different opinion, say that instead.


SUBJECT: I support CPAM-2021-0002 to further widen Route 15


Dear Board of Supervisors,

 I live in the Catoctin District north of Leesburg along Route 15. I support CPAM-2021-0002 to continue widening north of Montressor Rd. I support 4 lanes as far as possible. I support medians where appropriate. I support full width shoulders. I support a Western bypass around Lucketts.

When this was before the Board in May, you should have approved it then! Every little delay adds up, and here we have yet another delay! (or something to that extent).

(Insert your complaint… for example: “We have been hearing for decades how this road needs to be improved, and yet it never seems to happen. How is this possible? We have known for decades how dangerous this road is and how bad the congestion is, and it seems to only get worse. It’s worse now than before COVID even!”)

(Insert your personal story… for example: “the longest part of my 25-mile commute is the 3-mile stretch of this miserable road back to my house… I guess on the positive side, my kids have gotten better at making their own dinners.”)

(Call to action… for example: “Please support this CPAM, and let’s finally move some dirt and make this road better”)

Respectfully (or Thank You or Sincerely),

Your Name
Catoctin District
Your Phone Number


There is a email address they say goes to them all, but I’ve been told otherwise. It goes to a mailbox that they check. It is better to send it to their actual email addresses. You can copy and paste from below.


Supervisor Aides:

If anybody has any questions, please let me know! I’m happy to provide more details on the CPAM and what you can do to help.

Thank you,

David Goodrum, Route 15 Liaison