Route 15 CPAM Update-June 23 Meeting

published: June 8th, 2021 by in Uncategorized

On June 23rd at 6pm, there will be a “Route 15 North (Montresor Rd to MD state line) Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) Public Information Meeting.” This meeting will be virtual. You can find the meeting materials, login instructions, speaker sign up, and comment form here:

To summarize, this CPAM will allow them to consider four laning past Montressor. It doesn’t mean they will four lane. It just gives them the option. The CPAM also gives them the option to add emergency pull off shoulders (critical when there is an accident), and add a median where appropriate also (help avoid head on collisions and control certain intersections better). It doesn’t mean they will do any of these things. But, without the CPAM, they can’t even consider it. If the CPAM is approved, they will then begin public surveys and input sessions and then have to do design work, etc. Design work wouldn’t even BEGIN until FY23/24. Construction would be FY27 or later.

If you have questions you can submit those questions on the link above, or you can ask them live (virtually) via WebEx (register at the link above).

If you support further widening, or support having the option to widen further at some point in the future, please also submit a comment showing your support.