Resident Parking

published: September 7th, 2021 by in Uncategorized

Several residents have expressed a sincere concern over the inordinate number of vehicles being parked on the gravel shoulders in front of homeowner property overnight or for extended periods of time. This has become, not only an aesthetic issue but, more importantly, a real potential hazard for those walking the neighborhood streets.

Since school is now in session and many children are walking to and from the school bus pick up locations, it has become a safety issue brought to our attention by many concerned parents. The vehicles parked on the surface streets have, in some instances, created a sight obstruction for drivers and have created a potential danger for all pedestrians.

Particularly vulnerable is potentially the small inattentive or preoccupied child who suddenly darts out from behind (or between) a parked vehicle into the path of an unaware, visually compromised motorist. A horrific scenario that none of us ever want to see happen and that might be prevented through our combined foresight and cooperation.

Therefore, we are asking kindly, in the interest of creating a safer neighborhood and providing more protection for our children, that all homeowners use good judgement and please refrain from parking vehicles on the gravel shoulders in front of your home unnecessarily overnight or for extended periods of time (especially during morning and afternoon school busing hours). Also, please ask your guests to use your driveway as a parking place when feasible.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your understanding and cooperation. Any slight inconvenience a parking adjustment may cause seems a small price to pay for the safety of our residents in general and our children in particular.

–Raspberry Falls HOA Board of Directors