COMMUNITY ACTION REQUIRED: Route 15 Widening in Jeopardy

published: June 22nd, 2021 by in Uncategorized

The struggle never ends with Route 15 widening.

Apparently the people opposed to any widening at all are also trying to get the current project to widen Route 15 to Montressor defunded. That’s right, the current Route 15 widening project to Montressor is actually in danger of being defunded thanks to a few negative comments to the Metro Transportation Planning Board, which influences NVTA funding.

The project to widen from Leesburg to Montressor is mostly being paid with NVTA funds… not Loudoun funds. So, folks opposed to the project put together a campaign to get the Metro Transportation Planning Board to remove the project from it’s Long Term Plan, which could result in NVTA yanking their funds. That would effectively kill the project. The project has not been removed yet, but apparently there were enough emails and comments sent in over the last few months that it has raised eyebrows. So, we need to show that the community supports it with an OVERWHELMING POSITIVE RESPONSE.

YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION to ensure this project is NOT yanked from the Metro Long Term Plan. Please send an email to:

Please THANK THEM for including the project to widen US-15 to 4 lanes. Tell them you 100% support this project. Tell them that it’s not just a congestion issue but a major safety issue and also cite that the bike and pedestrian trail from Montressor to the town of Leesburg also helps create an alternative transportation method that you are looking forward to using.

Also, if you didn’t see the other post/email about further widening past Montressor, there is a virtual meeting this Wednesday evening. All details can be found in the other post/email. Please go read it and submit your comments about widening past Montressor to the bridge before COB Tuesday. In case you need the details for the meeting you can find them here: