Message from the President – Fall 2021

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Dear Raspberry Falls Homeowner(s), In this third and final 2021 “seasonal message,” I wanted to share with you some of the growth and development that our beautiful neighborhood has undergone this year. My wife, Karen, and I have been homeowners since 2006 and I’ve been an elected HOA Board member and your President for the past 8 months. I can honestly say from our community entrance and each Hamlet feature to our linked common grounds and our outstanding amenities – our community has never looked better. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to my fellow Board members… Read More »

Resident Parking

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Several residents have expressed a sincere concern over the inordinate number of vehicles being parked on the gravel shoulders in front of homeowner property overnight or for extended periods of time. This has become, not only an aesthetic issue but, more importantly, a real potential hazard for those walking the neighborhood streets. Since school is now in session and many children are walking to and from the school bus pick up locations, it has become a safety issue brought to our attention by many concerned parents. The vehicles parked on the surface streets have, in some instances, created a sight… Read More »

Route 15 UPDATE – Community Survey Now Open!

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For those that sent an email to the Transportation Board recently, THANK YOU! I heard back that we had on overwhelming response from our neighborhood, and many others, which is exactly what was needed. But wait, there’s more… As we had posted last month, the CPAM (Comprehensive Plan Amendment) to widen from Montressor to Lucketts was also approved earlier this year and now the county wants your feedback!! Hopefully you were able to attend the virtual meeting on Jun 23rd. But, if not, all the materials can be found online for you to review, and then provide your input to… Read More »

Message from the President – Summer 2021

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After serving as your HOA President for the past six months, I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome in the summer and express a sincere appreciation to my fellow Board members, the Cardinal Management team and our contracted vendors for being so committed and working unselfishly together to make our community such a great place to live. In addition, I would like to acknowledge a special debt of gratitude to those caring and concerned residents who have contributed so much through thoughtful suggestions, constructive ideas and trustworthy council. My wife, Karen, and I have been proud Raspberry Falls homeowners… Read More »

COMMUNITY ACTION REQUIRED: Route 15 Widening in Jeopardy

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The struggle never ends with Route 15 widening. Apparently the people opposed to any widening at all are also trying to get the current project to widen Route 15 to Montressor defunded. That’s right, the current Route 15 widening project to Montressor is actually in danger of being defunded thanks to a few negative comments to the Metro Transportation Planning Board, which influences NVTA funding. The project to widen from Leesburg to Montressor is mostly being paid with NVTA funds… not Loudoun funds. So, folks opposed to the project put together a campaign to get the Metro Transportation Planning Board… Read More »

Route 15 CPAM Update-June 23 Meeting

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On June 23rd at 6pm, there will be a “Route 15 North (Montresor Rd to MD state line) Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) Public Information Meeting.” This meeting will be virtual. You can find the meeting materials, login instructions, speaker sign up, and comment form here: To summarize, this CPAM will allow them to consider four laning past Montressor. It doesn’t mean they will four lane. It just gives them the option. The CPAM also gives them the option to add emergency pull off shoulders (critical when there is an accident), and add a median where appropriate also (help avoid… Read More »

Route 15

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Raspberry Falls Residents, as you may be aware, there is a current plan to widen Route 15 to four lanes. This project has been many years in the making. The 30% design will go before the Loudoun Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, week for approval to move forward. It has taken over a year to get this design to the 30% completion point. If the Board of Supervisors DOES NOT approve this design AS IT IS, county staff will have to go back to the drawing board, which will cause even more delays in completing this project.… Read More »

Please, No Pets on the Tennis Courts

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Dear Homeowners and Residents, We were happy to announce the opening of our resurfaced tennis courts this summer and had many positive reports on the new playing surface. However, PLEASE do not use the courts with pets or bring pets onto the courts! The courts are intended for tennis only. The court surface is synthetic and damaging long lasting marks can result from the claws of pets on the surface.  PLEASE respect the signage and take care of our community amenities as we, as a community, would want them to be taken care of. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and… Read More »